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Chef Shireen Anwar Profile

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Masala TV show Masala Mornings features cooking expert Shireen Anwar. Cooking: Impossible? Masala Mornings will make it much more than possible. Join our cooking expert Shireen Anwar: who has over 27 years of professional cooking experience and two cook books to her name; as she serves up solutions for easy to prepare fantastic tasting menus. Every day in Masala Mornings, is going to be a unique day.

Chef Saadat Siddiqui Profile

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One of the most enjoyable chefs at ARY Zindagi, Chef Saadat Siddiqui is a versatile character who also works personally with international brands for example Unilever. Chef Saadat is among the famous icon Chef’s in Pakistan and is renowned for his humorous and gracious style of hosting. Regardless of an unusual and lively professional routine, he still handles to get time for cooking and is very ardent about the food he prepares. His rule is to keep your cooking uncomplicated. He likes a vast fan following both in Pakistan and overseas.

Chef Saadat does live and recorded cooking shows on ARY Zindagi such as “Lifestyle Kitchen” and his shows are well-known in all age groups of female and male viewers. His recipes are simple and are famous among all Pakistanis.
Expertise: Continental and Indo-Pak Cuisine

Chef Rahat Profile

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Chef Rahat is the most desired chef in Pakistan as well as throughout the Asian countries. Her full name is Chef Rahat Ali. She is passionate about her cocking career which took her to the highest level in this profession. She is a lovable and kind mother as well. Her style of delivering her thoughts and speaking is also very sweet and understandable. Chef rahat chicken recipes are very much popular across the country. Her daughter “Maida Rahat” is also working in the same line of work.

Chef Rahat Ali is famous because of her lively and attentive approach in cooking. She is an imaginative cooking specialist who always goes all-out to instruct some outstanding cooking ways to her admirers. Chef Rahat Ali appears live from Monday - Friday in her renowned cooking show cooperating with her spectators through live calls and also determining their cooking needs and kitchen related problems on the spot. She has also considered as the solitary cooking expert of Pakistan who has disclosed entire Arabian cooking methods to viewers. Chef rahat is extremely well-liked not only due to her vast cocking ideas but also due to her kind nature. Many women and especially girls like her cocking shows and unique recipes. She cooks food with most recent recipes and uncomplicated methods.

Chef Zakir Profile

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Chef Zakir Recipes are very popular in all over the Pakistan, His perfect ratio of recipe ingridents makes him destingish chef. His family basically belongs to Bombay. Zakir surname is Qureshi and his full name is Muhammad Zakir Qureshi. He was born in Pakistan on February 16th 1967. Zakir first school name is Qulsoom Bai Valika School and he was passed his matriculation from Govt. Boys School of Santabad. He completed his intermediate from a well-known college for boys Allama Iqbal which is situated at Star Gate Airport Karachi.

The only hobby of Zakir is cooking and his favorite place is Madina and God Cape town in Europe. In 1980, Zakir decided to get trained from a popular Hotel and he started his training from at Sheraton Hotel which is situated at Club Road Karachi. He practicing at this hotel for about six moths and after that he went to Avari Hotel for practicing which is situated at Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi and when he trained here about a year he went Pearl Continental Karachi.

In 1986, he went to Dubai for working in as a professional Chef and he spent here about two year in two most famous restaurants. After these two years in 1988 he went to Singapore for stayed and after a year he went to South Africa for higher studied in his profession. He also had done some job in different restaurant with his studies and after three years he shifted to Batswana.

When Zakir completed 11-12 years stay in UK, he come back to Pakistan where he very first time joined a Indus TV channel. In 2006, he started his experience with other famous channel Hum Tv and after two year he start working for Masala TV. Now in Pakistan he was a most favorite Chef with his specialized shows.

Maida Rahat Profile

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A daughter of the continually admired Chef Rahat Ali, Maida Rahat has shaped out her own position exceptionally quickly in Pakistan. An encouragement and exemplar to all the young girls out there- Maida Rahat Ali is appreciated all around Pakistan as well as neighboring countries for her rapid intelligence, expertise and domination over cooking especially in Pakistani traditional dishes. Maida is now a well-known Pakistani chef, her cooking show recipes are greatly in demand nowadays so here you’ll also find some recipes of Chef Maeda cooking show. She is young, energetic and has been phenomenal so far with her unique cooking style and breathtaking recipes especially in Pakistani traditional dishes.

AGE: 30 years
EXPERTISE: Pakistani Foods

Farah Jahanzeb Khan Profile

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Farah Jahanzeb Khan was one of the well-known names in Pakistani cooking Industry and Chef and she was renowned for her unbelievable Cooking show in different TV channels like “Food Afternoon with Farah” on Geo TV. She worked for the Zaiqa TV Channel and hosted a live cooking show named "Zaiqadaar in the evening.”

A talented Farah Jahanzeb Khan was much loved cooking expert especially of teen girls and young women. She marvelously made out the skill of teaching cooking capability and meal arrangement thoughts to her audience from across the world and portraying Pakistani, Continental, South-Asian and Afghani recipes. Farah Jahanzeb Khan was also a fashion designer and a best mother. The woman with adorable voice has won hearts all the way through her mega sophisticated style and fascinating ideas accessible to you in Food Afternoon with Farah cooking show. She was a sweet and pleasant woman. She talked exceptionally gently. She also worked on Masala TV Channel and got countless reputation from this podium. Her recipes and dishes are very prominent among all Pakistani women.

Chef Afzal Profile

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Chef Afzal is an expert chef of all Pakistani traditional. Chef Afzal cooking recipes are very much easy to cook. He has also specialty in continental dishes. His cake and other sweet dishes recipes are very much scrumptious. His cooking show Kuch Meetha Kuch Namkeen from ARY Zauq is also very much popular. Karachifoods has wide range of Chef Afzal cooking recipes.

Chef Naheed Ansari Profile

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Naheed Ansari is one of the most well-known names in cooking and home décor. Food preparation, presentation and home decor is her specialty. By means of numerous TV programs under her name she has turned out to be a brand of experience and extraordinary cooking. Besides these, she gives cooking tips and tricks, hence anything to do with home & kitchen and that name is no other but Naheed Ansari. In her shows Naheed not only share outstanding recipes but also cooking techniques. Naheed exhibits how to create lip smacking dishes and also create alertness concerning food presentation, in her own exclusive style. Naheed Ansari has been connected with Dalda for approximately a decade and her occurrence in cooking and presentation has made are greatly admired among fans in Pakistan and abroad. Now a day she is hosting a cooking show in in ARY Zindagi. She is the women of brilliance in culinary art and techniques helping her viewers with delicious cousin, meal presentation tips & tricks and table management arts. Naheed Ansari is rule kitchen and cooking shows since years it is the expertise of her style in home sweet home that has made her a unique Pakistani chef.

Chef Sara Riaz Profile

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Sara Riaz was a well-known cooking expert with over 20 years of cooking experience; Sarah Riaz brought a practical approach to explore the taste of foods. She was one of the multi talented chefs of Indo-Pak and Continental recipes. She was hosting a cooking show in Ary Zauq TV (Mon - Fri at 8:30 pm) and showed the perfection and taste in her cooking to the common housewives. She also kept the audience in touch with different food and table decoration techniques, tips and tricks. Here is variety of Sara Riaz Text and video recipes.
. Chef Sara Riaz Passed Away !

Chef Zubaida Tariq Profile

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Cooking expert Zubaida Tariq features in Masala TV cooking show Handi. Zubaida Tariq popularly known as Zubaida Appa is practically a household name. She is renowned for her personal culinary style and for her real love of traditional food which she makes with with pure and simple ingredients . Her expertise in giving kitchen and household advice is Zubaida tariq was born on 4th april 1945 at hydrabad dakkan.

Chef Mehboob Profile

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television spectators. Through his warm appearance and hospitable personality, he makes cooking undemanding, appetizing and fast. Mehboob Khan’s live cooking show “Weekend Masala” is a direct to a vigorous standard of living, instructing low calorie options to admired foods, equally local and international. An ardent believer of you are what you eat Mehboob is on a mission to teach Pakistan’s community about what goes in to their food and what to make for healthy lifestyle.

Chef Mehboob Khan, from the cooking shows like “The Cook King Show” to “Spice of Life Show.” He has ended it all. Exceptionally delightful, soft spoken and cooking style of likeable across masses is tough to resist but he has all cooking solutions for viewers.

Chef Gulzar Hussain Profile

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Nighttime viewers will recognize this chef for his outstanding dance numbers and unique cooking style. Chef Gulzar creates magic night after night in his late night cooking show Live at nine Gulzars culinary life began in Tokyo Japan where he received a diploma in culinary arts. He worked with Ginza hotel for three years. He then moved to Fukoka resort where he worked for five years.

Chef Samina Jalil Profile

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Samina Jalil is a professional chef woman. Her home-based cooking classes have assisted thousands of house spouse and ladies who were looking for an authentic platform to learn the art of cooking. Saima Jalil has also worked for Nationwide Food Advisory Commission and hosted cooking shows which made her more popular. Chef Samina’s recipes are reliable and have been compiled in to a book also. “Lunch Box” is a popular book of Chef Samina. Her recipes are very easy and helpful to all ladies. She worked for many kinds of dishes and a huge variety like snacks, Chinese, Pakistani dishes and much more. Her cool minded personality and friendly nature helped her in the progression of her carrier. Chef Samina is absolutely a great Chef to learn from.
. Kam Khain Magar Acha Khain – Chef Samina Jalil !

Chef Shai Profile

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Chef Shai is a great name in chef’s world and a global chef perfectly trained in fusion cooking that merges the techniques, flavors and presentation. She was also specialized in Italian, French, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, American, Indian and Pakistani cooking.

Chef Shai is from Quetta (Pakistan) and after finished her B.S she moved to Karachi. She completed her Master’s in Botany from Karachi University and she decided to join airline because she understand her passion of seeing and itinerant the globe to explore the broad spectrum of tastes and cultures around the world.

She was traveling global across over hundred countries from Australia to Alaska and Tahiti to Tel Aviv. In 2001, after that her graduation from the ICE (Institute of Culinary Education) in New York City and she worked for different top restaurants and companies in New York.

In Manhattan, She also worked for Rock Center Café at the Rockefeller Center owned by the major restaurant management company in the United States named Restaurant Associates. There she cooked for main celebrities, tourists and head of State including President Bill Clinton.

Chef Shai also worked in one of America’s leading restaurant chains California Pizza Kitchen. She has produced many different television shows including her newest live shoe on Masala TV known as Simply Shai. She splits her time between New York City and Karachi where she always maintains homes both in the United States and her native Pakistan.

In 2005, Chef Shai was offered a live leading morning show on the Nadia Khan Show, Pakistan’s leading cooking show. Due to this show she gained lots of popularity and fame for her unique cooking style, easy recipes and great presentation in Pakistan. She also hosted a live show on PTV called Sunday Lounge. Favorite Hobby:Music
Education:Master's in Botany
Career:United States

. Chef Na Hoti To Singer Hoti, Chef Shai

Chef Tahira Mateen Profile

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Chef Tahira - a name identical with excitement and commitment. From organizing her own catering business to helping in a bakery in the US, this industrialist comes up to her work with sincerity and passion. Specializing in food decoration and dessert preparation, Tahira is now lined up to bring her proficiency to the "golden" screen. She has brought an economical way for women to cook food from her cooking program titled as “Kam Kharch Bala Nasheen” on ARY Zauq. Chef Tahira Mateen also appears in Dream Desserts on Ary Zauq Food Channel which is also admired by Pakistani people especially from Pakistani women and young girls.

Chef Rida Aftab Profile

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Rida Aftab features in Masala TV show Tarka. Rida Aftab is a cooking expert at Masala TV. Rida Aftabs success can be attributed for her classic home cooking and dazzling new ideas. She has the ability to transform the most complicated dishes into simple ones. She is loved among housewives as she uses day to day ingredients in her recipes. Her fascination with food came at a very early age .

Chef Sharmane Sayeed Profile

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Sharmane Sayeed’s enthusiasm for enjoyable family cooking brings her dazzling personality and true love for food to Masala TV in her spanking new cooking show “Flavors” where she shows the simplicity of infusing unlike spices and seasonings ensuing in out of this world flavors. She is passionate about her cooking career. She has a great obsession for cooking and foods. So she accepted cooking as her career. She is one of the youngest chefs of Pakistan who also cocks with most up-to-date techniques. She is a renowned chef in Pakistan.
She is a young and good-looking lady and talk politely. She is a knowledgeable and quite experienced chef of Pakistan. Because of so much love to cooking and food, Sharmane went to New York where she did a course in hotel management and after she returned to Pakistan she got culinary training from Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Karachi.
She was proposed to execute a show at Masala TV called “Recipe of the day” where she displayed how to whip up lip smacking recipes and foods by using readily on hand ingredients. After that experience she did a show called “Sugar and Spice” and her contributions to Masala TV started from there. Her open-minded techniques had abolished intimidation and proved that making desserts was quite simple. She adds loads of reputation only due to her unique cooking shows. Undoubtedly she is an extraordinary cooking specialist.

Chef Zarnak Sidhwa Profile

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Zarnak Sidhwa features in Masala TV show Food Diaries. Zarnak Sidhwa is a cooking expert at Masala TV. Zarnak Sidhwa’s interests in cooking dawned at an early age; she was trained in culinary art by some renowned experts in the related field. A food enthusiast, she stepped up into practice by catering from home since 2005 & excelled both in sweet and savory dishes initially in her own Parsi community.

Chef Tahir Chaudhary Profile

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Chef Tahir Chaudhary combines his passion for food and television in the hit cooking show cooking on a budget, a Masala TV series featuring delicious recipes with unique quick fix ideas all made within a limited budget. This energetic chef offers viewers creative culinary solutions and a true understanding of the basics necessary to guarantee continued success in the kitchen.

Abeel Masala TV Host Profile

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Abeel Host Handi with Zubaida Tariq.

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